I'm Desmond Nicholson, the host of Bridges to Excellence podcast.

Bridges to Excellence, inspired Leadership in Payments and Fintech.

Bridges To Excellence bring you conversations with Payments & Fintech most fascinating people on top of their game. Leaders, Influencers, Experts and Innovators who have transformed or impacted the industry in their own way.
Their personal stories are meant to inspire, empower and challenge you to explore your possibilities, unlock your inner superpowers, and live your best life.

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Desmond's background

Desmond Nicholson, is a thirty year (30) year veteran of the Financial Service Industry, specifically in the Merchant Payments Processing sector.

Throughout those years, he worked for CitiCorp and First Data Corporation, where he held various senior management positions, including Vice President of Training and Education.

During his tenure at First Data now Fiserv, Desmond was responsible for training hundreds of sales executives and managers, some of whom are among today's most seasoned and respected Payment Professionals and leaders throughout the Acquirer space, ISO, ISV, VAR, Fintech sector and Banking communities.

His Mission

It’s from a position of service and gratitude, paying it forward, giving back to the industry that served him well, why Desmond chose to create the Bridges To Excellence podcast.

Join Desmond each week, as he invites you to a front-row seat, upfront and personal, with his special guest, as they share their journey to Excellence with insightful wisdom, practical advice and actionable takeaways.
Whether you're a seasoned Payments/Fintech professional, or the industry's novice, this podcast is for you.
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"Deliberately seek the company of people who
influence you to think and act on building the
life you desire.".....Napoleon Hill


"This podcast and its community, is an amazing platform in building connections in Payments. I highly, recommend it!"

David Alexander
Long Island, New York

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What to expect from Bridges to Excellence podcast?

"Bridges to Excellence continues to be the go-to resource for my daily dose of inspiration...this podcast ROCKS!"

Calvin Morris,
Chicago, Illinois

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