Sebastian Builes, Co Founder & CEO of Arcum…The making of an award winning Fintech startup.

By Desmond Nicholson | 04/21/2024 |

In a world where innovation reigns supreme and dreams are transformed into reality, there exists Arcum. A testament to resilience, vision, and unwavering determination.At the helm of this company stands Sebastian Builes, Co-Founder and CEO. In this episode, part of our Founders series, we delve deep into the heart of Arcum, a fintech startup that champions…

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Tim McWeeney, Head of U.S. Indirect Acquiring and ISO Sales at Ingenico…covering Key tenets to leveling up your professional selling skills

By Desmond Nicholson | 03/10/2024 |

I recently had the chance to chat with Tim McWeeney, Head of U.S. Indirect Acquiring and ISO Sales at Ingenico, to reflect on his successful career Journey in payments. This interview, came on the heels of his most recent recognition, among ETA’s 2024 Honorees of Top Payments Sales Professionals. Tim’s Journey in Payments, spans over…

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Paulette Rowe CEO at Stax Payments … Trailblazer Series featuring “Women of Impact”

By Desmond Nicholson | 01/28/2024 |

In this episode, a part of our Trailblazer series, featuring “Women of Impact,” our special guest is Paulette Rowe. Paulette is the appointed CEO of Orlando-based, tech unicorn Stax Payments…as of August 2023. Step into the world of inspiration as we delve into the remarkable journey of Paulette Rowe, a trailblazer whose story epitomizes resilience,…

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O.B. Rawls – A Payments Legend…Executive Director of Wellesley Hills Financials & founder of Jeroboam Advisory Services

By Desmond Nicholson | 01/07/2024 |

OB Rawls is an accomplished senior-level executive with phenomenal success in FinTech payments and banking. He previously served as CEO of global payment processing for Paysafe and CEO and President of iPayment. His career of more than 30 years also includes senior-level executive roles with First Data now Fiserv, Hypercom, and Bank of America. OB…

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Todd Ablowitz Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Infinicept

By Desmond Nicholson | 12/03/2023 |

In this episode, my special guest is Todd Ablowitz, a friend of 27 years and an industry veteran serving the same span. In 2014, Todd along with Deana Rich Co-founded Infinicept, making them both Co-founders and Co-CEOs. Infinicept provides tools and services that enable companies to get payments going their way. Todd is a globally…

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Dale Laszig… Writer, Payments Industry Journalist

By Desmond Nicholson | 11/19/2023 |

In this episode, part of our Experts series, our special guest is Dale Laszig. Dale’s journey in Payments began thirty (30) plus years ago. Having a varied background in sales, sales management, and journalism. Dale is widely known as a Senior Staff Writer for the Green Sheet, a leading Payments trade publication that empowers and…

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Eula Adams, former President of First Data Merchant Services

By Desmond Nicholson | 11/12/2023 |

Our special guest is Eula Adams, former President of First Data Merchant Sevices. In this episode, part of our trailblazer series, Eula takes us on his career journey as he climbed to positions of influence within the ranks of two major companies; Deloitte and First Data Corporation. Capping off his decision ( no-holds-barred exposure) leading…

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Scott Dowty, Executive Chairman at Passport Technology

By Desmond Nicholson | 11/05/2023 |

My guest this week is Scott Dowty, Executive Chairman and founder of Passport Technology. Passport is a Casino payments, technology, and SAAS platform achieving in selected markets, market share dominance across the globe. Scott is here to take us on his entrepreneurial journey, the good and the bad. Including current initiatives as he positions the…

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Bridges to Excellence, Inspired Leadership in Payments & Fintech

By | 10/13/2022 |

The Bridges to Excellence podcast…Inspiring Leadership in Payments and Fintech. Conversations with the most fascinating people…on top of their game, across the Payments & Fintech ecosystems… – Leaders, Influencers, and Experts… Who in their own way, have transformed or impacted the industry. Join me, your host Desmond Nicholson…30 years in payments, where each weekly episode…

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